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Original Tonic Water Blue (12 ST)

12 x 25cl  
218 kr
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Beskrivning When pronouncing the word ‘blue’, images of idyllic settings where the sea and the sky merge in the distance come to mind, with a lovely background music punctuated by the lapping waves. Suddenly, we are invaded by a sense of wellbeing. It is the culmination of peace. Discover Original Blue, a soft wave that gives way to a world of peace and happiness.

Its cyan-blue color turns cocktails into an exotic breeze that will fill your senses at unique times, delighting you with a constant feeling of fullness. With this tonic will blow a gentle air of coolness during warm summer nights.

And, as blue is the color that symbolizes prestige, Original Blue is perfect to put the finishing touches on any celebration. Original Blue is a visual and delicious temptation that delights the taste buds and makes eye contact with its heavenly color.

Travel in search of fullness!

This trip will be accompanied by an elixir inspired by the celestial horizon.


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