About shipping only sell Free our warehouse. We do not supply for the freight, you must pick up the order yourself, or hire a freight company for pick up. Here below we present some alternatives for freight companies. If you choose some other company you have to notify us by mail to Observe: Regardless the freight company you choose you must be 20 years old and you will have to show ID when you pick up your order.

  • Tansaver

    TRANSAVER are specialized in this kind of transports. Transaver has a well-developed and automated reservation system with high traceability where you as a customer can trace your order. Transaver also offers Home delivery. They pick up regularly at our warehouse, once a week.

  • ABCexpress

    ABCexpress ABC Express offers delivery to your door in Denmark, Finland and Sweden (as well as to agents near the border between Sweden and Norway). ABC Express is a newly established shipping company with automated reservation system with high traceability. They gather regularly with us once a week. As a customer, you will automatically receive ongoing status updates via e-mail and a link you can use to manually track your goods. Payment via Payson, Paypal and bank transfer.

If you forgot to book your freight, you can log in to your account whenever you want, and there you will find your order. Click on Choose freight company and book your freight.


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