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El majuelo Salsa Balsamica

1 x 35cl  
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Beskrivning This product is resulting from the joint reduction of sherry vinegar and grape must.

After a careful selection of the best wines and sherry vinegar reduction is made slowly dense and aromatic. This innovative product has been developed considering the current need for chefs to have a sauce ready for use, both as a condiment, as for decoration. Only a few drops are enough to give a personal touch and unique to your plate.

Intense aroma of wine, Pedro Ximenez, with a mixture of letters figs and raisins, persisted and aftertaste is pleasant sweetish overtones.

Salsa Balsamic Vinegar from Jerez is particularly suitable for or decorate accompany meats, pates, cheeses, vegetables, rice, pasta, salad and some fruit and ice cream.

It looks clean, shiny and dense, with a dark mahogany colour. His aromas of caramel, nuts and pastries are refreshed by the memories of wine vinegar. In the mouth it is thick and viscous product with a mixture of raisins and caramel flavours but very refreshing for its acidity.


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