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FEVER TREE - Mediterranean Tonic Water (24 x 20 cl)

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Beskrivning Over the years premium vodkas have become a significant part of the sophisticated drinkers’ repertoire, but it has not been easy to find a premium mixer to stand tall alongside their smooth and refined tastes.

Fever-Tree’s new Mediterranean Tonic Water, has been specifically designed for the vodka drinker. Full of natural quinine, the Mediterranean Tonic has an aroma and taste influenced by ingredients sourced from specialist suppliers around the shores of the Mediterranean.

Using the most authentic strain of quinine and the finest lemon oils from Sicily as well as thyme, geranium, rosemary and mandarin, we have created a delicious new taste experience.

For a delicious and refreshing summer drink, serve with a premium vodka of your choice over plenty of ice. Add a sprig of lemon thyme to bring out the subtle flavours of the Mediterranean Tonic.

Colour - Crystal clear with the daylight blue hue from pure quinine.

Nose - A clear aroma of thyme, with fresh citrus and hints of Rosemary.

Taste - completely new taste for the sophisticated vodka drinker. With a soft bitterness of pure natural quinine and a round elegant taste of herbs and citrus, this highly carbonated tonic has small champagne bubbles which makes the taste very smooth and supports the fuller mouth feel of great vodkas at the same time.


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