Brisa de Portell Eau de Vie

Brisa de Portell Eau de Vie

50 cl
230 kr
Its made from the fresh and fermented chaff of macabeo and merlot grapes. Using a craft equipment by steam distillation which can be drawn with great accuracy the best fraction of the distillate: the heart.

Appearance clear, clear and bright. Teardrop crown dense and slow.

Intense aroma of extraordinary delicacy and refreshing alcohol. White flowers, citrus smoked skin with notes of fennel and liquorice.

It is complex in flavour, with a good strong body. Creamy with a strong warm feeling that gives breadth and personality. Alcohol well integrated obtaining a balanced product. Pleasant and persistent aftertaste.

You can take cold as a digestive, but it is at 15/18 º C when it expresses its full aromatic potential.

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